COVID-19 UPDATE: Violators of Subsisting Gathering Rules.

Violations of Subsisting Gathering Rules (for Weddings, Burials, Birthday Parties, Other Religious Meetings, etc) in Ekiti State

Violators of these gathering rules, potential, ongoing or recent past can be

(1) Warned off if the events are known ahead of time,

(2) Shut down during the events if a credible report is made

(3) Sanctioned if a credible report that the event occurred is made.

Calls can be made to the following persons in the event of any of the above:

1. SA Security General Ogundana

2. CSO Mr. Ajayi

3. Commissioner for Environment Mr. Gbenga Agbeyo

4. SSA Public Health Dr. Jimlas Ogunsakin

5. Taskforce Coordinator Prof Bolaji Aluko

For Border Security violations, you can also call:
6. Col Magaji

COVID-19 is still with us, and will only linger if gathering, social distancing, personal hygiene and mask-up rules continue to be breached.

Thank you.

Prof. Bolaji Aluko
Task Force Coordinator

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